Cornhill-on-Tweed, Northumberland,TD12 4UU

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Winter at Tillmouth Park

The dust covers come out of summer storage and many of the castles and houses in the region are ‘put to bed’.

Crisp frosts cover the fields and hills and the trees become glistening works of art. Driving becomes a pleasure as you explore out of the way places steeped in history on roads that are almost traffic free.

In winter, the past comes alive and you get a true sense of the turbulent history of the region. You can explore the Elizabethan fortifications in Berwick upon Tweed, a major Scottish town which was captured by the English in 1296 and suffered assault and siege during three centuries of Anglo-Scottish warfare, changing hands on several occasions; you can visit Flodden Field, the site of an important battle in 1513 where the Scots suffered a bloody defeat with King James IV slain together with the majority of the aristocracy; you can cross the tidal causeway to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to discover the roots of British Christianity, or the histories of St Aidan and St Cuthbert; you may even choose to visit to research your family history or just wander around the countryside, villages and coast.


At the end of a busy day, you can return to Tillmouth Park and relax in front of a roaring log fire while pondering what to choose from the evening menu. Pumpkins, beetroot and red cabbage are at their peak while winter root vegetables are a perfect accompaniment to Glendale beef or Borders venison. Traditional home-made English puddings and fruit crumbles are a welcome end to your meal.

What better way to end the day than to enjoy your candlelit dinner in the restaurant overlooking the trees and lawns which are floodlit at night then retire to the Main Hall for coffee or a nightcap. If you’ve never thought of visiting us in winter, we hope we can tempt you to think again.